Use the command !time in-game to see what time it is.

Mount Raids
Img Name Time Location
Draptor 17:00
Crustacea Gigantica 18:00
Midnight Panther 19:00
Undead Cavebear 20:00

Bosses may spawn randomly once their respective cooldown has passed.
You can see if the boss is currently alive: or dead: .
Boss Raids
Img Name Last Spawn Cooldown Status Location
Seasonal Raids
The Mutated Pumpkin 5 hours ago

Grynch Clan Goblin 9 months ago

Major Bosses
Feroxa 1 day ago

Ferumbras 3 days ago

Gaz'haragoth 3 days ago

Ghazbaran 16 hours ago

Mawhawk 19 hours ago

Morgaroth 16 hours ago

Omrafir 16 hours ago

Orshabaal 17 hours ago

Zulazza the Corruptor 17 hours ago

Falcon Bosses
Grand Commander Soeren 17 hours ago

Grand Canon Dominus 2 weeks ago

Grand Chaplain Gaunder 1 week ago

Preceptor Lazare 17 hours ago

PoI Bosses
Countess Sorrow 3 weeks ago

Dracola 2 weeks ago

Massacre 2 weeks ago

Mr. Punish 2 weeks ago

The Handmaiden 2 weeks ago

The Imperor 2 weeks ago

The Plasmother 2 weeks ago

Vampire Lords
Arachir the Ancient One 1 month ago

Diblis The Fair 1 month ago

Sir Valorcrest 1 month ago

Zevelon Duskbringer 1 month ago

Other Bosses
Demodras 1 month ago

Dharalion 1 month ago

Fernfang 1 month ago

The Horned Fox 1 month ago

Man in the Cave 1 month ago

Necropharus 1 month ago

The Old Widow 1 week ago